Sophia Butler has always been a maker, starting young making cardboard houses and experimenting with scarves in her bedroom before starting to learn to sew at age 13. Her passion for materials grew at  Auckland’s Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design where she had the privilege to be chosen for a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia trip to India. It was there, in 2015 she realised that the way forward had to be sustainable.

I was standing on a bridge in Pondicherry and I looked down
to see this awful, red- brown water and I was gagging from
the smell of the river and I just thought ‘I can’t ever be a part
of causing this.’ It is a moment that has burned into my memory
and shapes nearly all of the decisions that I make today.

Sophia’s post-graduate work focussed on designing for emotional durability and transparent supply chains which has built solid sustainable foundations for her forthcoming work.

Her eponymous label; Sofija Butler honours her Croatian-Irish heritage and offers a fresh perspective on the design process, designing garments to be kept and cherished for years to come - never discarded. Each piece has been thoroughly tested by real New Zealand women and redesigned with their knowledgeable feedback in mind.

Sofija Butler releases two capsule collections a year, with garments being on a made to order basis. Quantities are limited by the amount of material purchased prior to release. Each garment takes 3-14 days to be made and then delivery to you. 


integrity - transparency - responsibility - emotional durability