Transparency | Creating the Supply-chain for my New Zealand Wool

The journey of this wool began in January 2016 when a family friend and one of my long time supporters gifted me the shorn fleeces of her pet sheep. The sheep are kept as "lawnmowers" and occasionally used for meat, but otherwise left in peace. They are a crossbreed of sheep; one quarter Suffolk and three quarters Romney. 


I skirted the fleece myself, which involved removing any 'bits' that were stuck in the fleece and removing any pieces that were shorter than 10 cm as this is the minimum length that can be spun. 

It's very important to me that I keep production as local as possible to minimise the impact that Sofija Butler has on the earth and to support our local wool industry, therefore I limited the processing of the yarn to the North Island of New Zealand. The wool was skirted in Auckland, carded in Dannevirke and spun in Otorohanga before being knitted into the Oyster Jumper and Skirt, in Auckland.

Oyster Jumper and Skirt. Image by Michael Ng. 

Oyster Jumper and Skirt. Image by Michael Ng. 

Sophia Butler