Transparency | Why I chose to offer Vintage

I have always loved to shop, long before I understood the consequences of the buying decisions I was making. The act of going out with a friend, or my Mum, trolling through the racks and feeling all of the different fabrics.

When I was in high school, in 2008, my Dad was made redundant (as were a lot of people all around the world) and suddenly we didn’t have the same disposable income, and I had to rethink my purchasing decisions. Around this time I discovered our local Hospice opportunity shop. There I found beautiful items in gorgeous fabrics and colours like I would never have found in the mall. I was also a few years into learning to sew, and the garments I was finding were fueling my hunger for beautiful construction techniques.

So, why sell vintage garments alongside my own, made-to-order garments?

I look for true vintage garments that were made before planned obsolescence was so prevalent in all we buy. These garments are made to last, to be kept.

Ecologically, they have already been made and don’t pull any more resources from the environment, aside from care and laundering (this is a whole other story), as they already exist in the world. Because I am sourcing these items, instead of creating them from scratch, I am able to offer them at a lower price point.

Finally, and probably most importantly, is the style! Vintage garments add a whole new flavour to your wardrobe, providing off-season shapes, materials and colours that you just can’t find at the local mall.

Fashion has always been cyclical - things that are ‘in’ now have often been ‘in’ before. Why not achieve the look by wearing the original?

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